Spiller Engraving


Brass/Chrome Signs

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  BZ1 Bronze Coloured Brass 75x100mm 1mm thick £7.50
  BZ2 Bronze Coloured Brass 50x75mm 1mm Thick £4.00
  BZ4 Bronze Coloured Brass 12x75mm 1mm Thick £2.00
  BZ3 Bronze Coloured Brass 19x100mm 1mm Thick £2.50
  BRA12 Brass 12x39mm 1mm Thick £1.50
  BRA11 Brass 12x32mm 1mm Thick £1.50
  BRA3 Brass 50x75mm 1mm Thick £4.00
  BRA4 Brass 20x100m 1mm Thick £2.50
  BRA1 Brass 50x150mm 1mm Thick £7.50
  SIL1 Silver Coloured Brass 75x100mm 1mm Thick £7.50
  SIL3 Silver Coloured Brass 20x100mm 1mm Thick £2.50
  SIL4 Silver Coloured Brass 12x75mm 1mm Thick £2.50
  SIL5 Silver Coloured Brass 12x32mm 1mm Thick £1.50
  BRA6 Scalloped Edge Brass 38x90mm 1mm Thick £7.50
  BRA8 Scalloped Edge Brass 20x63mm 1mm Thick £5.50
  BRA9 Scalloped Edge Brass 16x51mm 1mm Thick £4.50
  BRA10 Scalloped Edge Brass 16x51mm 1mm Thick £4.00
  Polished Brass 200x300mm 2mm Thick £79.00
  Polished Brass 50x100mm 2mm Thick OUT OF STOCK £6.00
  Polished Brass 50x200mm 2mm Thick £13.00
  Polished Brass 100x150mm 2mm Thick £20.00
  Polished Brass 40x150m 2mm Thick £10.00
  Polished Brass 40x200m 2mm Thick £10.00
  Polished Brass 50x100m 3mm Thick £8.80
  CHR3 Chrome Plate Scalloped Edge 20x63mm 1mm Thick £4.00
  CHR1 Chrome Plate Scalloped Edge 12x38mm 1mm Thick £4.00

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